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Having a bad friend is better than being alone.

Of course one can argue about that, but John Steinbeck through “Of Mice and Men” (1937) in a simple but very slick way, gave a bleak lesson about the nature of humans who at one time felt lonely and wanted the comfort of a friend, but often forced to be satisfied only with attentive strangers.

“Of Mice and Men” a classic work that is actually simple, but for some reason feels tense when reading it and disturbs the heart and mind afterward. Thanks to the expertise of Steinbeck on written the fictional story about the friendship of two low-class workers during The Great Depression.

George and Lennie, both men, have to work hard every day on their employer’s ranch with minimal wages. Both protected and complemented each other. They aspired to have their own fields and farms and comfortable home, no longer with mice, but rabbits.

Unfortunately, trials continue to come and their dreams become increasingly utopian. Their friendship described as very touching must end tragically when George finally feels his life was hampered by Lennie’s presence.

The men in this story actually desired to built brotherhood in the midst of a hard and lonely life, they uphold friendship between men. But the world was too violent and ferocious for them maintained such a relationship.

In the end, they hurt each other. The characters in the story: George, Lennie, Crooks, Curley, Carlson, and Slim were isolated and helpless, but even at the weakest time, they tried to destroy the weaker ones. They provoked, influenced, made each other sad and anxious.

Through “Of Mice and Men”, Steinbeck neatly illustrates that oppression does not only come from the powerful. Instead, the strengths used to oppressed others were actually born from weaknesses (insecurity).

Steinbeck also implies the other truth of human’s life that almost always, in the end, the one who will really hurt someone, is the closest.

But is it true that having a bad friend is better than being alone?


John Steinbeck was a famous American writer in the 20th century and won the literary nobel in 1962.

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