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“Everyone’s always ‘just joking,’ right? Except when they’re not.”
― Kawai Strong Washburn, Sharks in the Time of Saviors

I am currently working as a speechwriter. Every time an event was going be held, people from so many divisions contacted asking for the remarks draft to be read in the opening session.

That Monday, a gentleman texted “hello, can I have the remarks draft for Wednesday, can I also have information the official assigned for the opening ceremony?”

I have never heard about the event. There was no information sent to me.

So I asked, “excuse me, what event? I’ve never been informed, have you send the notification letter?”

He answered “Sure, I will send you the letter when it’s ready, but now it is still being processes in our division. Thank you”

I stunned a second to digest his words, and then :
Bursting into seemingly endless laughter.

Wow, Dude. That is seriously funny.

How do I suppose to even know if the notification hasn’t even been send?

“Houston, we have some coordination issues here.”


Bogor, March 2020

Hesty Dharmanita

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